My Personal Resolution Journey Day #2

Well I have hit a small snag at the end of day one. I can only hope this will not be a precursor of things to come. I started to get a real bad Headache yesterday around lunchtime. It progressively got worse and I ultimately ended up in the emergency room around 3am with what I thought was going to be migraine. This is my first severe headache and I really feel for those of you that suffer from them now that I know what it feels like. Turns out it was viral meningitis. Oh and just a side note. Spinal taps are not pleasant. try to not have one…..ever. 

Here is the silver lining. I had only made it to 80 ounces of water before I went to bed but They put me on an IV when I got to the hospital. By 7 am I had gone through 2 bags. I’m going to say those are 20 ounces each so technically I had 120 oz Yesterday. I went to the bathroom so many times I felt like I was 80 years old (no offense if your 80). 

So I will not be running the 5k and doing the pushups etc. today. I’ll Still Take some measurements of the chest and the stomach and then talk about the next short term goal I have for Today. 

For the Measurements I will use a basic cloth measuring tape. You can get them at any craft store. For the Stomach Measurement I am going to keep it simple and just measure on a horizontal plane at the navel (the belly button). For the chest I will use a horizontal plane at the nipple line.  

I will record these at the bottom of the post (maybe less people will see it there). Now for the next short term goal I will be focusing on a nutrition one again. I wanted to give you an exercise routine to use but I am unable to do it today so I will wait. The nutrition goals is simple. Over the next 5 Days I am going to give 1 thing up. First it will be potato chips. I love chips, they are a blessing in my life but they must go. So as I give up each item I am giving it up until February 28th. That means no chips and again I will get my 100oz of water. Preferably not from the ER this time. 


Ok so my Waist measured out at 38 1/4 inches and Chest Measures out at 41 inches. Attached is a pdf You can print for yourself to helpr record your goals and chart your progress.

Tomorrow I hope to be back on track and able to do a few more of the tests or at least the quick workout I have built for you to do. I will try to get that workout into a pdf by tomorrow as well so you can print it. I will also go over the next food Item I am giving up. Expect Lima beans or something nasty I would never eat anyway. I am kidding of course.


Here is the PDF to Print resoution-chart


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