My Personal Resolution Journey Day 8

Well the official weight this morning was 188. Down 3 pounds which I am fine with considering I had absolutely zero activity since the first weight check. I am slowly getting better so it looks like I might be able to work out at some point this week! I hope you all had a successful first week with your Resolutions!

This week I am going to give you an example diet to follow. It is an eleven day diet that I have found to work extremely well. I have used this diet with many clients and they to like it quite a bit. Keep in mind you may not like the food that is listed and if that is the case, thats fine just switch it with something that is more or less the same. If you like peanuts but not almonds, fine eat the peanuts then. If you like roast beef but not turkey, again go ahead and eat the roast beef. Just make sure you stay within the same food group. There are quite a few more instructions included in the diet. It is quite long so I will include it in this post as a pdf you can print. Otherwise it is about 12 pages. 

Tomorrow will be an exercise day. I will get you started on a new one. We will revisit some of the short term goal possibilities as soon as I can get the push-ups, chin-ups, and running tests done. I came across this diet on a website I saw. It was if you want to check it out. There is a small fee you pay and it will keep generating new menus for you. I like how easy they make it and for the price it is hard to beat.

The part I like most about this diet is there are simply trying to change the way your body burns the fuel you give it. That is truly the key to nutrition. Whatever you eat the most of, that is what your body will try to use as its primary fuel source. Thats why we eliminated the empty calories last week. Too much of those types of food and the body will feel like it needs to use that as a primary fuel source. If you are eating a lot of thsoe types of food there should be little to no surprise if you frequently complain about your energy levels.

This diet teaches your body how to utilize foods that are high in vitamins and minerals and are great fuel sources for your body. 

Here is the diet, let me know how you are doing with it or if you have questions. Obviously make sure you are not allergic to any of these foods and I recommend that you alert your physician before starting any exercise or diet regimen. 

Click on this:11-day-menu

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