My Personal Resolution Journey Day 9 (Pushup Test)

I am finally getting better!!! So I will do the pushup test today, and the Chin-up test tomorrow. Then I will look to try and do the 5k on Thursday or Friday after I see the Dr. again. I hope you have all had a chance to look over the diet and see if it will work for you. 

For the pushup test, it is important to try and have someone watch you. Remember back to the original goal, I said perfect pushups. Well what does this mean? It means pushups done with excellent form. 

Look at the pictures. I included both a full pushup and a kneeling pushup.

The form is the key. If you are unable to do more than 2 or 3 full pushups, start with kneeling for the first phase of your Resolution goals. This has always bothered me when people refer to kneeling pushups as girl pushups. Honestly there is just good pushups and bad pushups. If you are a guy who can only go about half way down in a full pushup, drop to your knees, its not an ego thing its like everything else I talk about, an efficiency thing. If you only are able to go half way down you are limiting the amount of muscle fibers you are using and also creating tightness in your shoulders.

The key to your pushups is going all the way down. Your chest must touch the ground for it to count. No Excuses. If you are unable to get to the ground doing a kneeling one, fine then make it even easier and put your hands on the edge of your couch and start from there but please always find a situation where you can get full range of motion in the move. 

Obviously if you have pain symptoms that are made worse by this exercise, please do not do it. I will give you an alternative instead.

Look back to the daily exercises we started a few days ago. On this routine is an exercise called clappers. Please use this as your exercise to replace pushups if you are unable to do any form of a pushup without pain. Here again is the pictures that demonstrate how to do it.


So do as many pushups as you can from whatever position works best for you. Now here is the key, you ned someone else to watch you do it and let you know when your pushups are no longer perfect. When is your back no longer straight is the main one to watch for. I will be having one of my fellow trainers count for me.

Good Luck on the test, after I get through the chin-ups and 5k, we will discuss ways to work on improving all 3 tests while losing weight! In the meantime, when you finish your daily workout routine, do a set of pushups just to practice!


Oh and I am sure you are curious about my pushup test. I made it to 17 before I lost my form and my back started to drop. Only 33 to go to get to my goal!!


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