My Personal Resolution Journey Day #11 (5k Test)

Wow it was ugly but I was able to do it. I could really tell I had ot done anything for well over a week. My lungs and legs got tired very quickly. I decided that since we are in the beginning of the winter season that I would do the test on a treadmill.

I do not prefer to do it this way but for the benefit of accuracy i decided to do the test this way. The main difference between a treadmill and truly running outdoors is that when outside the sidewalk is not moving towards you. This increases the amount of pressure that goes into your joints. Many treadmills (including mine) have a flex deck where the belt you are running on is on a flexible platform. This is designed to help eliminate a lot of the pressure into the joints but now you are running on an unrealistic surface. 

However, it is a decent alternative especially if you live in a very cold area that makes running outside in the winter challenging.

The Treadmill I used is a Nordic Track C2150. It is a decent home one that my wife and I purchased a few years ago. I also broke the test up just a little bit. I did the first mile as a calibration for my Nike Plus program. If you have not checked these out, they are a great little toy to help you chart your progress and even do goal setting. I purchased one awhile back and have barely used it to this point. I am excited to work on my 5k goal for many reasons, one of them is so I can use this fun little toy.

You make these fun little guys that you can post on your facebook or myspace or even in a blog! That way people can keep track of how you are doing. You can also choose to keep it private if you want as you can see in this example.

If you have not seen them, it works with your ipod nano. You plug this thing into your ipod and then you have a sensor that goes into your shoe. You must be wearing the Nike running shoes that support the product but there are now many different shoes to choose from so it is not hard to find one that will work for you.

I personally like the Nike Free. They are designed to let your foot do what is most natural for it. I do not like when shoes are designed to force your foot into a certain position. Shoes that force a certain amount of pronation or supination or a very harsh forced arch support can be very hard on the feet. If you currently do not have any issues in your feet, your best bet is to get a neutral shoe such as the Nike Free.

Feel free to check out It is a fun way to get started on a running goal. I really like the site and makes your goal setting a little more fun and interactive.

Once I finished my calibration I finished the remaining 2.2 miles. I was glad I did not need to walk at any point but i was getting real close at the end. My official time for the run was a 29:12. That is about as bad as i expected but hey, its a start.

So tomorrow I will go over some training advice with you for how to keep working at your goals. Keep up with your water and your food choices. If you are following the diet, keep up the great work!


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