My Personal Resolution Journey Day #18

I hope you are having success on your Resolutions! Now that my health has steadily approved mine are going great. There are a few things I want to make sure you are aware of as you progress. 

First is the weight loss goals. I said I would weigh in each week just to keep you updated but keep in mind this can be very dangerous. During the process of training your weight can fluctuate several pounds. There are many factors that will influence it. 

First is water. s your body learns to assimilate the larger amounts of water you are drinking, inconsistency in this can be real costly. If you establish a constant intake of water, then forget on any particular day, your body will start to store the water which will in turn raise your scale weight. If you have started doing any weight training or if you have been following the strength workout, your muscle tissue is becoming more dense. This also means it will weigh a little more. 

Just with these 2 factors alone, you may not have lost much weight at this point. Please do not panic if this is the case. Losing weight is a long journey if yo do it correctly. It is easy to lose 5 or 10 pounds, just do not eat or drink anything and go sit in a hot sauna for 8 hours. If you survive, I promise you will be much lighter on the scale.

Also I wanted to address soreness with you before I forget. It used to be that everyone believed soreness came from a buildup of a chemical called Lactic Acid in your muscles. As it turns out, recent studies have proven this to not be the case after all. The soreness comes from the damage that is caused to the muscles during intense exercise. Lactic acid is a fuel source the muscles use to provide energy to working muscles during exercise. 

When you work out hard enough you will start to experience a burning sensation in the muscles. This burn can happen during a set of pushups or running a mile or any other form of exercise that pushes your muscular system hard enough to begin creating very small tears in the muscle fibers. The soreness then begins as quickly as 8 hours following exercise but usually it will take until the next day or even the day after that to experience the soreness. The is what is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). 

So in regards to your exercise regimen, you need to pay attention to soreness. If following a strength routine you are sore the next day, it is in the best interest of progress to wait until the soreness has been eliminated before trying a similar routine. Without waiting for the soreness to leave your body you can overtrain the muscular system which will lead to injury. 

I do not want to get more complicated than this right now, there are some very specific techniques and strategies you can use in regards to building the perfect muscular system for your particular sport. We will cover these in later posts in the philosophy section.

For now just use the basic rule of waiting for your soreness to either be gone or significantly reduced before doing that style of workout again. This will allow you to complete heal the muscular system between workouts which will lead to better long term results with a significantly reduced potential for injury.


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