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Many of you have probably seen some form of advertisement for the product known as “Perfect Pushup“. Here is our take on how valuable of an asset it can be for your workout programs.

First is Quality – Upon opening the product it looks like it is a decent quality item. At no point during the first few minutes of it did I think it was a piece of junk. The base of the handles are sturdy and the handles are just the right size. Several of us tried it out and we all agreed that the handles fit great in your hand. They rotated very smoothly without and grinding. I was pleased at this because I fully expected that to be the issue but I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the rotation was. Last thing on the handles was that they were also not so hard that it was hard on your hands. In fact it was quite comfortable.

Final Score for Quality – 2/2

Next lets look at the efficiency of the product – This is where I was pretty disappointed. Included in the package was a DVD that tried to get you pumped up for the product and the workout. They do however go over all of the different exercises in good detail. Also included is a workout card that on one side has a reminder of proper form for each of the moves in the video as well as the modifications to make it harder or easier (kneeling or feet on a chair, lame). On the back side is the workout they would like you to follow. It is a 21 day program that includes 10 workouts. The whole program is pretty limited. It is a great pushup workout but it offers very little beyond that. To be fair however they are not claiming to be more than this so you are getting what you paid for, a new toy to use when doing pushups. Here are a few of my major concerns. The biggest is there is not any form of a warm-up. In fact the first thing you are supposed to do is to max out on pushups, good thing you did not buy a squat rack from them I guess. I felt it a bit irresponsible to not give people at least a few exercises to do to help make sure that the shoulders are in a position to do a pushup without compromising the safety of the elbows and wrists. Also there are so many people that have very tight shoulders and upper backs that to go straight to a pushup can prove to be a serious mistake.

Final Score for Efficiency – .5/2

Next is the Value of the product – The price tag I got form was $29.99. I consider this to be a very fair price. I would not want to pay more than that for a product like this but 30 bucks is fine. It ill be a good addition to your home gym or as an extra tool in any fitness facility.

Final Value Score – 2/2

Extras – I already talked about this earlier but you do get a DVD that goes over the basics with you. It does not give you a workout to follow, just the basics of the equipment and some exercise guidelines for proper form. The workout card is extremely limited and offers little to make you excited to continue with the program.

Final Score for Extras – .5/2

Ease of Use – I really liked how easy the product was to use. I can see that someone had not really done much exercise in their past they may struggle a bit with control over the rotation at first. There is no assembly of any kind to do so it is right out of the box and into your first set.

Final Score for ease of use – 2/2


So here are a few extra ideas you could do to make this a bit more of a complete workout. If you have read any of our strength training philosophy posts, you know we have a system that we feel maintains a higher level of muscular efficiency. This includes working all of the different angles we discussed are necessary to keep proper motion in the shoulder.

Here are 3 variations to try;

First is a more vertical pushup, this will help to incorporate more of the muscles of the shoulders

Second is to incorporate a row into the pushup position. This will help to gain strength in the muscles of the back of your shoulder and upper back.

The final one for now is my favorite of the three which is more of a tricep move. Try doing a dip with the handles for a great workout for the tricpes.

We will have a complete Perfect Pushup workout available for you to download. It will include a complete warm-up designed to give you the most out of your workout as well as a much more complete workout designed to incorporate the entire body. Look for it soon.

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  1. Mr. E Fish Ent said:

    I think is would be interesting/beneficial to do a review of the P90X home fitness plan. It has been gaining a lot of good publicity and I am curious to read your take.

    January 25th, 2009 at 7:48 pm


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