Product Reviews – 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels

With the popularity of the Biggest Loser it was inevitable that there would be some workout videos available to purchase. Jillian Michaels has become a huge star in the training world and rightfully so, she knows her stuff. I was excited to review this video with my training philosophy class. It is available just about everywhere but I secretly love (if you can’t tell already) ad ordered it from there for about $11.00 with shipping.

For the first portion of the review we will start with Quality. You can tell that there was some effort put into the video. They took the time to make the DVD case attractive and the video itself is very polished. Jillian does a great job and the two women she has working out with her on the video do a great job of showing you good form. The camera work i also done well giving you the feeling that there was great effort put into the product.

Overall Quality Score – 2/2

Next up is the efficiency. Again, this is how well the product can benefit your development and improve your overall muscular efficiency. I was pleased to see that there was 3 levels available for you to choose from so we started out with level 1. The concept behind the workout is what Jillian call her “3-2-1” system. The idea is to maximize burning of calories by doing 3 minutes of strength training followed by 2 minutes of cardio and then 1 minute of abs. She does start it off with a warm-up but to be honest it is a bit of a joke. It is about 5 exercises and they do very little other than to get your heart rate up a bit.

The level one workout was in a word surprising. I have to be honest and say that unless you are already exercising you are going to have a pretty hard time with some of these. One of the abdominal exercises is very demanding on the lumbar spine and you really need to be able to control the abdominals or the exercise will be pointless. There is no variety in the cardio, it is just butt kicks in place and imaginary jump rope. I also could not believe how much flexion of the hip there was with no extension outside of some lunges in one of the strength moves. If you have any lower back tightness or other issues in your lower back, this is going to be a very hard on your back.

As we went to levels 2 and 3, there was little to no difference. The warm-up had one additional exercise and the routine itself followed the same pattern with just some slight variations in the exercises.

Overall Efficiency Score – .5/2

Next up is the value of the product. It is hard to be do harsh on this since it did only cost about $8.00. However, I just do not think you will be happy with your purchase. There are a lot of options and i will keep looking to find a better option for you to try. Still if you are in decent shape and just looking for a quick 20 minute workout to do for a change of pace, you could do worse I think.

Overall Value Score – 1/2

The Extras included in the DVD are just an opportunity to give more money to Jillian Andrews. One option is to buy her book. The other is a chance to sign up for 30 days of free access to her online program. Here you will have a chance to get a significant amount of additional content. There is some great nutrition info available and it looks like it has a pretty good online community to it. This is the best part of the DVD in my opinion.

Overall Extras Score – 1/2

The final portion is the Ease of Use. This is pretty easy to score on a DVD.

Overall Ease of Use Score – 2/2

Total Score 6.5/10

Outside of the lack of a real intro level for someone looking to get in on the Biggest Loser momentum, this is a decent package. I like the ability to use the tools on Jillian’s Web site better than the DVD itself and I think you will as well. We will be reviewing more of the Biggest Loser Videos soon so come back to see if they are able to be a bit more of a complete workout for you to follow.


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