Kids Fitness – A Playground in Your Living Room

So we discussed the obvious benefit of the playground. So what do you do if you are unable to get to a playground for various reasons? The simplest way is to have fun and create your own playground in a room (or multiple rooms) of your house. Remember being a kids and building those forts all over the house. You would find every spare blanket, pillow, sheet, chair, or couch and make the coolest designed little forts. I hope you did this as well otherwise I will feel like a complete idiot. 

The idea was to just have fun and create. To provide a great workout area for your kids, have them use their imaginations in much the same way. As a test I had my son use some basic items we had around the house to make himself an obstacle course. We were in a bit of a hurry so he had to rush but still he went to work immediately. Below are some pictures of what he came up with. He had a huge advantage with a few items his younger siblings used. 

I think he did a pretty good job. He loves to crawl on the play structure. If you do not have one then stairs are another great training tool for kids. He grabbed a few pillows that he lined up to jump over them as well as some carpet squares my wife uses in her Pre School. These are a great tool you can use for building things like this. Most carpet companies have these and will sell them to you for just a few dollars. My Favorite was the 2 chairs with the carpet square over the top to make something he has to crouch under. He has been in gymnastics for awhile so he always has to show off his handstands. 

My son has seen me build many circuits for my clients and students over the last few years so he was trying to set one up how I do. It can look however the kids want, remember to that they can fit in a much smaller space than us so if it looks like it wont work, let them try it first. I prefer it to make them work very hard to try and fit in and around and through things. 

If you come up with some great designs or ideas, share them with us!

Also do not forget that to make it memorable for your child, try to do it with them!



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