My Personal Resolution Journey Day #36 (Update)

On the scale today I was at 182 pounds. I have not started the Ultramind Solution Program yet. I am in the preparation week still and my Dr. appointment is still to come to get teh blood work done. What I have started is to cut out all High Fructose Corn Syrup. In the book, Dr. Hyman goes into detail about the staggering statistics regarding the product as well as the amount of damage it can cause to your body. I have truly been craving it the last few days but I have been able to stay away from it.

This is from Page 56 of his book. He states that as a society we currently make 17.5 billion pounds of High Fructose corn syrup and we each eat an average of 66 pounds per year. He goes on to say that it reacts with proteins in your brain and forms a plaque called advanced glycation end products that can gum up your brain leading to dementia and cause major damage to your cells.

During the early parts of the New Years Resolution stuff we talked about 5 things we can give up. If you recall they were all about empty calories, foods that are high in calories but do not give anything back in the form of vitamins or minerals. After reading the book we should have just said High Fructose Corn Syrup!

The other component to get rid of is trans or hydrogenated fats. These can be found in most foods that come from a factory. Dr. Hyman tells us that they damage cells, increase inflammation, and interrupts our normal brain functions.

So with the 5 things we covered earlier, Candy, French Fries, Soda, etc, we actually covered these 2 areas. so if you have given them up, keep at it! Both Dr. Hyman and I are very proud of you.

I am getting very anxious to start the program and will update you as soon as I get started!


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