Strength Training Part #3 (Integrators)

I hope you understand the concept on Neutralizers, the next most important part is Integrators. Here is one of the major issues we have seen with strength training is that it teaches our muscular system to work independently as opposed to one seamless unit that promotes proper movement of your skeletal system. Think about the gym you workout at. Most of the machines in the facility are designed to isolate a specific muscle in the body. The idea for many years in the fitness industry was to do this in an attempt to gain strength evenly in the body by working each of your muscles. The funny thing is this is the exact opposite of how you live your life so any strength gains you may have made from the machines is totally wasted when it comes to increasing your performance.

So an integrator is a move that is designed to take any strength gains you get from weight training and incorporate that into the increased power of movement in your body. Go back to the examples of a young child growing up. We gain the strength to move our bodies not from machines but from constantly challenging our bodies to move in ways it has not done before. So an integration move is one that forces you to have to use your entire body to coordinate a move that increases your ability to move in an efficient manner.

So following a typical strength routine try this. Bench Press for 12 reps, then do the prone arm raises 12x. Repeat this for 3 sets. Now use an integration move to integrate the strength you gained form the previous exercises. Take Bear Crawl for Example, From your hands and knees, lift your knees a few inches off the floor, now crawl by alternating moving your right leg and your left arm forward. Keep you back flat and your knees close to the ground as you continue to crawl.

So for each overload move you do it is important to do at least one neutralizer to counter the negative side effects of the previous move. When done with your sets for that particular move, do some for of movement that incorporates your entire body.

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