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Every Holiday season there is a new great “thing” that everyone must have. Christmas of 2007 was without a doubt the Nintendo Wii. They were sold out everywhere and people were paying over a $1,000.00 for a $299.00 item. Memo to self, next time there is a video game system about to come out, pre order ten of them then sell them to everyone who did not at a huge profit.

My family of course wanted one as well but I lucked out and was able to trade a guy on Craigs List for another video game system we had. It is a great tool for us. We love to play board games and hang out together and this became just another option for us to use. The game that was included had bowling nd a few other group ones we could all play.

The idea behind the system is to get gamers more active instead of just sitting in a chair to play the games. Even the way you use the controllers is very active. It has proven to be a great idea and it is making the Wii the first choice for many families when it comes to video games. it was only a matter of time before the company came out with an exercise game.

The first was Wii Fit. A game truly designed to get you out of the chair and increase your activity. My family and I have spent a fair enough amount of time with the game that I feel I can give you a quality review of the product to see if it is right for you.

1. Quality – I have had several Nintendo gaming systems over the years and they are always good quality so this was an easy one. The system is very reliable and is very quick to load and get you into your games. Nintendo has always done a great job of this. The packaging is always done nicely so the product is shipped safely. The balance board that is included in the package is very sturdy and has the perfect sensitivity to it to allow the many games and exercises to work extremely well.

Overall Quality Score – 2/2

2. Efficiency – The idea behind this game is fantastic. It has a great combination of several key components of fitness. First is a Strength Training Component, then there is also cardiovascular training, yoga, and even some fun balance games. Like many video games there is the process of “unlocking” stuff. This concept refers to how in the early stages of the game only a small portion of the game is open to you, then as you play your earn more of the games content. In Wii Fit this is simply done by playing. Unlocking the rest of the content takes quite some time ut as long as you play, it slowly happens.

The beginning of the game asks you to go through the process of determining your current health. It will get your BMI (Body Mass Index) and you actual body weight, then it tests your balance. These things combine to give you your Wii Fit Age. At this point you are able to set some goals and then get to work on improving your fitness.

Overall The balance games are a blast for my kids to play but I would not assume that you are going to make tremendous strides in your own personal balance from them. They are just fun to play.

The yoga workout is actually quite good. It is frustrating that it took so long to unlock all of the moves to complete the entire workout. The exercises are good and it is overall a pretty complete package. A complaint I do have is that it takes forever to do the complete workout since it is so slow to go from exercise to exercise. There is far too much down time which can prove both boring and distracting.

The Strength component is also better than I wold have anticipated. They do a good job of covering most of the 8 directions of the body and to complete the entire workout is overall fairly demanding if you choose it to be. They do a good job of giving alternative forms of moves and you will feel like you got  great workout when you are done.

The cardiovascular training was very limited. To be honest it is pointless. I do not recommend even bothering too much with this one. In fairness I think you re a bit limited but I think it would have been better to do more of a Dance Dance Revolution type mentality for this.

For the first iteration of a game like this I think it was just fine. The potential for a product like this is huge. I hope to see an updated version of it soon and I would love to be a part of the development team!

Overall Efficiency Score – 1/2

Value – The Cost is around $90.00 and can be found at or other local retail video games chains like Gamestop. It is a pretty steep price tag but I have found that when it comes to video games it is a cost per hour thing. Is it valuable enough the be the price of a 2 month gym membership? I would say no but my family has really enjoyed playing it.

Overall Value Score – 1.5/2

Extras – There are not many other extras outside of the game manual which is fine. To be honest it is much better than most Game manuals that are included these days. Like I mentioned earlier the balance board actually works very well.

Total Extras Score – 2/2

Ease of Use – The product does a good job of getting you through the process from set-up to the tests an then into the exercises. It is all a bit slow is my only complaint. The time it takes to work through some of the exercise routines just felt sluggish. However, it is very easy to use.

Total Ease of Use Score – 1.75/2

Overall Score for Wii Fit – 8.25/10

If you own a Wii and are looking for an option to stay active with your kids while you play video games. Right now this is definitely one of your better options.

Now, Good Luck finding one!

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  1. Joe the Trainer said:

    I just read an article in the New York Times about Wii “shoulder” or Wii “knee”. Thought it was interesting how games on Wii could lead to such injuries but after playing I can see how these problems can develop.

    April 22nd, 2009 at 2:35 pm


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