Product Review – “Cardio Max” DVD from the Biggest Loser Series

This is our second review of a product form the Biggest Loser television series. Much Like the first video review we did this one uses the trainers from the show but this time they also bring some of the contestants from the show to work out along with you. This is where it gets interesting. Looking at the way they move on screen is a site to behold. I am very proud of these people for choosing a new more health oriented lifestyle but I was shocked at how bad their form was on many of the exercises. I will discuss this a bit more in detail in the efficiency section.

The quality of the product from a manufacturing standpoint is again very high. They did a great job not only on the cover but the workout itself is done by professionals. They use a great studio for the backdrop and the camera work is great. It always makes a difference to me on the little things like this.  

Overall Quality Score – 2/2

From an efficiency standpoint this one again leaves me a little bit confused. In fairness it does do a much better job than the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  The 3 levels of difficulty are interesting. The hardest one to me would be level 2. I found it interesting that Jillian admitted her surprise that the routine she was doing was level 2 since she herself was dying during it. She had to stop to even have a chance at talking at all during the workout. Level 1 was the best one. It changed the emphasis the most frequently. Bob the trainer does a good job of explaining the form you need to have and keeping you moving while attacking the various directions of the body. Keep in mind it is shockingly hard for a level one workout. If you are out of shape, you will struggle real bad with this one for quite some time until your body adapts to it.

My last thought on this is watch closely to the bodies of the people on screen. It is sad to think that even though these people are in better shape and have lost weight, their posture, form, and muscular efficiency is really quite bad. The guy in the back row hurts me to watch. I want to help him out so badly as I watch. he could get so much more out of these workouts if the trainers would give him the right type of stimulus to improve his efficiency, not just get his heart rate screaming. Just so you are aware, your Level 3 workout is a kickboxing one. 

Overall Efficiency Score – 1/2

The value is tough to give too hard of a score to since it only costs about $11.00 with shipping. Again you are getting a pretty limited package but the workouts are going to get you working hard and sweating  buckets 

Overall Value Score – 1/2

In the extras department I have my easiest score yet. there was only one page telling you about another one of their videos. So there is nothing to really score here.


Overall Extras Score – .5/2


The final portion is the Ease of Use. This is pretty easy to score on a DVD. 

Overall Ease of Use Score – 2/2

Total Score 6.5/10

Like I mentioned on the other Biggest Loser DVD, there is such a steep intro into the workouts I really feel you need to be in some form of cardiovascular shape to really get much out of these. the warm-up on this one is much better so that helps. 


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