Training in Movies…. A new top 5

I am just doing a quick post today but I thought it was a fun one. My students and I were discussing a workouts that we had seen and we got on the topic of fitness in movies. We started to list off a bunch and I new we had a great top 5 list on our hands. 

There was actually more movies than I thought so you may have a way different 5 than I do but here are the ones I loved the most.

The rest may not be in any particular order but the number one of all time for me has to be Rocky 4. The back and forth between Rocky and Ivan Drago the Giant Russian are awesome. Drago is shown using all this fancy equipment and getting pumped full of steroids. Rocky is out in the middle of nowhere moving rocks and pulling sleds and other cool training stuff. You know the story goes as always, Rocky kicks his butt proving that we are meant to be living adaptive organisms that constantly change based on the stimulus of our environment. So Rocky giving the stimulus he did to his muscular system made him physically stronger than all the fancy machines and science the Russian used. Well at least thats what I took from the movie, but I am a huge training nerd. Check out this montage of training greatness!


Ok so after that I would have to go with the following 4. These are in random order and I will not make you watch them all but check them out on youtube if you can.

2. Another Rocky, this time Rocky #2. The classic scene of all the kids following him while he hurdles the benches in the park. Squat hops with a log on his back, chasing a chicken, chopping wood, all classic Rocky training moves to say the least.

3. G.I. Jane. This had some great training sequences in it. The intensity of it is also cool. The barbwire obstacle course with gunfire all around you is motivation! Also the roller coasters in the water, great scene.

4. Batman Begins. What an awesome movie this was. Super Hero movies will forever be compared to this one in my mind. The brutal fighting and training that Bruce Wayne receives is intense. It is not just true training since so much of it is fighting but I still loved it.

5. The Karate Kid – seriously how can anyone argue, “wax on, wax off” and “paint the fence” and “sand the Deck”. Miyagi was one bad little dude. Anyone who can make Daniel Larusso seem tough is an incredible trainer.

Honorable mentions courtesy of my wife (Dirty Dancing,
Step Up, Stomp the Yard, and Save the Last Dance) No training but she loves the cool dancing that I could not do with all the training in the world.


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