Strength Training Philosophy Part #5 (How to train a body type #1)

We have discussed each of the various body types and we made a quick mention of how to train each. I want to take this chance to go a little further into detail about that topic. 

Starting with Body type #1 lets go over a few examples of what you can do to help balance out a muscular system that has been trained to have independent muscle strength but a lack of ability to integrate this strength into proper movement of the skeletal system. I have mentioned in a few other posts the importance of NOT doing isolated muscle training. Our body was not designed for the muscles to work independently of one another when it comes to movement. Proper movement of the body requires coordination of each of the muscles in the body. Sitting in machines to gain strength just is not efficient. 

So what are some ways to balance out these bodies that are the by product of the last twenty years in the gym world? Like we mentioned earlier it takes moves that force the muscular system to promote movement of the body. In the early philosophy posts we discussed how we go through a strength progression when we are very young. The most important step of this progression is crawling. This is our first chance to start to create coordinated movement from our upper and lower bodies. 

So I would start there with a body type #1. I would have them crawl. Now to impact them you are going to go a little beyond a baby crawl and make it more of a bear crawl. Obviously it would take more than just this one move. Well Actually I could argue that you could just do this one move but I think people would have a psychotic episode long before they would totally balance out their muscular system. We will put together a full workout program for a body type #1 soon for you to download. In the meantime after every strength exercise, crawl around a little bit. You will get some funny looks but trust me, you will get the last laugh.


Here is another few examples of how you can crawl, try mixing in some various obstacles to add to the challenge you place on your muscular system.



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