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My wife has back issues of Pregnancy magazines for I am not sure how many years. My Son is almost 8 so we have quite a few to say the least. I love how exercise is stresses in all of the se magazines. The one I was reading was from the Oct/Nov 2006 issue of Fit Pregnancy. The article she was looking at was discussing how important yoga was during pregnancy. They gave 6 free poses that you could try with a good explanation of each move along with a picture. Also in the article they discussed the benefit of yoga in its ability to calm the body and bring you closer to your baby.

I am not sure how closer a woman can get to her baby but I do know how incredibly important it is for a woman to be in good health during pregnancy and most importantly in the delivery room. My Wife and I now have 3 children and being a trainer, it has been a great opportunity to study the impact that child bearing has on the female body. 

We are always referring to muscular efficiency in this blog. The reason is simple, high levels of muscular efficiency is the key to allowing your body to be in the proper position for you to safely perform physical tasks. This can be activities from competitive sports to our outdoor hobbies, or pregnancy. 

Think of the staggering effects that an average pregnancy has on the female body. Here are just a few my clients have complained about.

  • Weight Gain – some as much as 50-60 pounds.
  • Swollen ankles and legs in general
  • Back Pain – Lower back from the changes is in the pelvis, upper back from carrying the stress of extra weight.
  • Neck Pain from the changes in posture

This list is just various muscle issues which do not include the sickness, headaches, heartburn and many other side effects. I have had quite a bit of success in helping many women through their pregnancies. I want to provide you the same tools to make sure that when the time comes your body is ready to go. In this section of posts we will discuss the various exercise components that are important in each of the three trimesters. I will also share some ideas for what you can do on the day of delivery to help the process goes as well as possible.

If you are currently pregnant or expecting or even if you know someone who is looking to make the right fitness choices during this exciting time, please send them to this blog. I personally witnessed the importance of muscular efficiency during pregnancy and labor. I hope to share this with all expectant Mothers.


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