So how can you make the Recumbent Bike a more Functional Exercise?

Last post we talked about the why the bike was not your best choice for cardiovascular fitness training. The main negative being that it casted your body or more specifically your hips since you are stuck training in a fixed position the entire time. This leads to muscle tightness all throughout your core and most importantly can be very damaging to your posture. 

After I typed that post I felt it would be necessary to help out any of you who only have a recumbent bike as an option to use. Many people have purchased them to use in their homes so lets take a chance to give you some tools to use that can allow you to get some cardio training in while limiting any of the negative side effects that are associated with the exercise. 

First lets list a few of the obvious negatives.

1. Hips are stuck in a flexed position, tightening the hip flexors and limiting the ability to lengthen the hamstrings fully due to the action of the pedaling.

So to counter this try getting off the bike every 3-5 minutes and do the following exercise, a Standing Lunge. Try doing 5-10 reps on each leg.


2. Your back is another area that suffers from the poor hips angle. Also there is a rounding of the shoulders and upper back due to the seat position. A great way to counter this is by one of my favorite moves, Cats and Dogs. Do 5-10 of these after you get off the bike to do the lunges.

These 2 moves are great tools you can use to help you make your recumbent bike even more successful for you. One more move that would be a good one for you to try would be feet wide glides. This move will make sure you are also giving lateral stimulus to the muscles of the lower body to help cancel out the linear motion of the bike form creating any imbalances.

I hope these help you out. If you have a recumbent bike as your only option, let us know we have hundreds more options for getting you all the tools you need to make this successful.


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