Here are some ways to make the Stairmaster a little less damaging

If you look back at the post from a few days ago regarding the StairMaster, we discussed reasons why it should not be your first choice for cardiovascular training. However,  just like we did with the recumbent bike I want to give you some ways to make the machine more effective for you. I do recognize that there are many of you that just like the intensity of the exercise and love the sweat you can build up on the machine. Also for some of you it may be your only option for cardio machines.

So just a quick review of the negatives of the StairMaster are the potential for creating or worsening of posture, lack of stimulus to muscles that stabilize joints, and an increase in tightness in the upper back and shoulders. Here are some moves that will help to counter these negatives. Like I mentioned to you on the recumbent bike, this will require that you get off the machine every few minutes to do these. Depending on the length of the routine you are doing I would try to not go longer than ten minutes at a time for a 30 minute or longer routine. If you are only doing a 10-15 minute routine try to get off every 5 minutes.

Exercise #1 – Kneeling Roller Coasters. This is a great move to fight the effects the machine has not only on the tightness that is being created in your upper back but also your overall posture. Start on your hands and knees with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Now rock your hips back onto your heels and then roll your body forward by bending the elbows as you lower your chin, chest, stomach, and hips. Finish in the extended position, then pull your hips back and repeat. Try 10-15 repetitions of this move as long as it does not create any pain symptoms in your body. For an easier version, do Cats and Dogs instead.

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Exercise #2 – Bear Crawl. With the lack of muscular coordination that occurs whenever we hold on to handles on our cardio equipment a move like bear crawl can help to increase your muscular efficiency and in turn limit the lack of this you receive from the StairMaster. Start on your hands and knees, then lift your knees a few inches off the floor, then crawl by alternating moving your left hand and right foot forward a few inches.


We will have some great cardio routines available for all of you soon. We will teach you how to take your ordinary gym equipment to new levels of training with the help of some great integration of exercises that will increase your muscular efficiency.


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