Physical Education, What were your top 5 games?

badmintonFor another fun Top 5, lets decide on the top five P.E. Games of all time. Physical Education was without a doubt my favorite subject for my entire education career. Even in College I took a badminton class that I loved. It was a little embarrassing really since was the only person who took the class seriously. The structure of the class was to spend the majority of the year working on the finer components of the game like serving, overhead shots, backhands, spikes and other tricks as well. Then for the last month we would play and ultimately end the semester with a bracketed playoff where the winner got a chance to play the instructor.

The instructor was a former soviet national champion so I was determined I would not only play but defeat her. I worked hard in the class and won the tournament with ease (again I was the only person who even cared). So thebadminton2big moment came and the epic battle was to rage on. I actually help my own for most for the game but did end up losing a hard fought battle 21-13.

Being the competitor I was I took the class again the next semester, this time determined to defeat my new found rival. It was cool because in the second semester she taught me a lot of pretty cool tricks like how to curve the shuttlecock drop shots and a few other things that made it impossible for any of these poor suckers in the class to even score a point on me. I thought I was the best thing to happen to Badminton, well, ever.

So round 2 of our rivalry came, it was like Rocky vs Apollo Creed. So we start the match off and she is holding the racket in the wrong hand. I explain that i have gotten pretty good and that I do not want her to take it easy on me. She proceeds to inform me that the last time we played she used her off hand. What goes through a 19 year old guys head at that point was not the most courageous thoughts. I was so freaked out it was awful. Of course my classmates who thought I was a complete idiot for taking the class so seriously in the first place were laughing their heads off at me. 

So we play the game and the result is one of the most devastating loses in my life, she beats me 21-3. She could hit the thing so hard I could not even see it. By the end of the match I was so tired I felt like I had just finished a marathon. It was a great lesson to an arrogant, overly competitive young man and I am very grateful for it. I now look on the bright side and ever since taking that class I can dominate any backyard barbeque. 

Here then are my Top 5 P.E. classes of all time;

1. Badminton – after boring you with that story how could it not be? I loved this class!

2. Dodgeball – nothing brings out the beast in people like dodgeball. 

3. Kickball – My second year of teaching we played this nearly every day for a semester and never got bored of it. Lots of trash talking and arguing make it fun. The key i make the rules a little vague so there can be lots of debate over them as the action occurs!

4. Capture the Flag – I had a teacher who had tons of ways to play this game and we loved every one of them. Great game indoor or out. 

5. Ultimate Frisbee – What would college be without this game? One of my favorites from my High School P.E. Classes.


Let me know what your favorites were. This was one of the easier Top 5 lists for me although there were a few others that could have made the list for sure. Games like volleyball, tag, soccer, speedball, were also some great ones.

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  1. Joe the Trainer said:

    Top 5 PE games:

    1. Ultimate Frisbee
    2. Throw and Catch (Dodgeball was banned at my school so we came up with a more creative game)
    3. Tips
    4. Volleyball with a huge beachball
    5. Kickball

    April 4th, 2009 at 3:12 pm
  2. Scott said:

    I forgot that Dodgeball was taken out of a lot of schools. How sad. I am glad you were able to come up with an alternative.

    April 4th, 2009 at 10:06 pm
  3. Ben said:

    I dont know the exact name for it, but we played it a few times in PE. Slaughter-house? handball? somethingball? I dont know but its really fun if you play with a good ball and a lot of people.

    April 4th, 2009 at 10:35 pm
  4. Joe the Trainer said:

    I think it is a good idea to have an advanced PE class for those who can maintain physical activity for a certain length of time. It lets those who are more into athletics the chance for development rather than playing games with a bunch of people who could care less.

    April 4th, 2009 at 11:47 pm
  5. Scott said:

    Joe I am doing a post in a few days thats in regards to this. I am trying to give people a different perspective on Physical Education.

    April 8th, 2009 at 7:50 pm


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