How can we improve our Nations Physical Education Classes?

I have been working quite a bit at curriculum for my Physical Education Classes for next year. Through Elementary School we really use Physical Education to work on team building, fundamental skills of a huge variety of games, and fitness testing. Then in Middle School we move into a chance to get more into team sports, continuation of Fitness testing, and the chance to get exposure to swimming, dancing, and even gymnastics in some cases. High school has sadly become more about the team sports and weight training mentality.

Many students love this classes for obvious reasons, if you like to play sports why would you not sign up for a team sports class? And Weight training is a chance to look good for the girls. Here is the issue with classes like this, they are not educating students on how to take care of themselves post High School. I realize this is a huge generalization so if you are  a teacher of one of these classes and you are working hard at teaching the students various forms of training modalities, I applaud you. 

I was just a typical jock in High school and when I graduated I struggled with how to stay in shape. I only learned one way of taking care of myself, doing 6 different weight training moves and running till I thought I would pass out. This works fine when preparing for a game or a season but try to train like that without the same carrot on the end of the stick. I consider myself lucky because I was instantly inserted into the fitness world and was exposed to tons of different styles of training. 

For those not as lucky as I exercise can become very unsuccessful in a hurry which leads to enough discouragement to stop working out all together.

I work in the State of Oregon and no offense but the standard for Physical Education is pretty non specific. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows for someone who truly cares about their subject to have the freedom to give their students some great life skills in regards to their personal health but it also does not provide very much guidance for what students really need to be successful after they leave High School. 

This is where i think the key is to a High School P.E. curriculum. We teach our Students in an effort to get them ready for the next phase of their life. Why should P.E. be any different? High School english is the designed to prepare you for College, same with math, science, foreign languages, and many of the other subjects. So what is the next phase of life in Physical Education?

Well at the school I teach at we are trying to make this course be just a important as all the other subjects. 

Next up I will give you some ideas that we are working on. Any of you in the Physical Education Field I would love to hear your thoughts.


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