What are the Best Exercises to do during Pregnancy?

I have seen so much information on this over the last 10 years. When my wife and I began planning a family this was one of the major topics we discussed. She was working out and was worried about what would happen to her fitness level during pregnancy. I had only trained a handful of pregnant women at that point in my career and so i started to do my homework on what the important aspects of training would be during this time of a woman’s life. 

Much of the research I did came up with the same results, lower impact exercises are better to help protect the joints was the most popular one I saw. Much of the information from Doctors and trainers stated that during pregnancy the mother’s joints become less stable due to some anatomical changes in their ligaments and tendons. Their belief was that they become more lax and allow for greater range of motion in the joints but also makes them more vulnerable to injury. 

Another common one that I came across was the issue of intensity. Many in the medical field felt it could put the fetus at risk if the mother worked out at an intensity that created too much stress on the body. 

how-to-exercise-during-pregnancy-2The list went on and on of all the different things that various people felt women needed to do or not do while pregnant. I am sure that in the instance they came up with it, it made perfect sense based on the needs of an individual client or patient they were working with at the time. The list I had got to the point of mass confusion. I was never more glad to be a man until I actually saw my wife give birth the first time. That was the best day of being a man by far! 

To make a long story short, I took the list and highlighted just a few of the ones that made sense to me and dumped the rest. I decided that instead I would try to understand the pregnancy in a slightly different perspective. Like I have mentioned before I love sports and to be honest I love coaching more than anything else I have done professionally. When I started to look at a woman’s pregnancy from an athletic perspective, I realized that it actually is an athletic event. If you have never seen a birth, trust me it is a workout. 

I realized that to prepare a woman’s body for the act of giving birth is actually quite similar to any other physical goal someone may have. Instead of saying they want to lose 20 pounds or run a 5k in a certain time or even train for a marathon, a mother to be is deciding to train for a ten month brutal assault on their body culminating in the final leg of the journey, to push out a beautiful and slimy little gift from God. 

I want to take you all through the process I used successfully several times with my own wife and then some of our friends and clients. First I want to give you an overall look at what to think about during your pregnancy. We will then go through the 3 trimesters in sequence and go over some of the various tips to use during this time. 

Look for updates on this soon. I want to get a program out to all you expectant mothers in hopes that we can make your pregnancy go as well as possible from a physical standpoint.


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