How to Break Down the Training Aspect of Pregnancy.

Before we get into the trimesters, lets look at pregnancy as a total event first. If you are going to start a training regimen you want to look at the finish or goal and work your way backwards. What is the ultimate goal of fitness and pregnancy? Well according to Train2move it should be to have the mother’s body in as perfect of an anatomical position as possible and the muscular efficiency to have complete muscular control over the skeletal system. This is much easier stated as full range of motion in the joints but I wanted to make it sound more astounding. 

When it comes time for the baby to be delivered the Mother needs to be able to manipulate the pelvis so as to allow for the birthing canal to be open as designed. For this to happen there must not be any muscular inefficiency (tightness, strength imbalances etc). Any amount of inefficiency could potentially limit the Mothers ability to get her pelvis into the correct positions to allow for the easiest path for the baby. 

At the time of delivery you also want the Mother to have high levels of strength and endurance through the core and muscles of the hips. These are just going to be random thoughts and I have nothing to back them up but I do wonder how many births go to C-sections simply because the mother was not in good enough shape to handle the delivery. Could it also be possible that C-sections are a result of too much tightness in the muscular system that does not allow the pelvis to open and allow the baby through?

So if we know the ultimate goal is to accomplish what we stated earlier, then we can work our way back to the beginning and into the first trimester. 

In the next post on this i will go over the importance of taking advantage of the fact you are still capable of being in a prone (lying on your stomach) position along with several other key things you want to do now before you get to far along into the pregnancy.

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  1. Patty said:

    Well, another successful birthing story from a new mom who did the right exercises during pregnancy. My daughter Annie just had a son! They nearly didn’t make to the hospital. They went in one time and were sent home after a couple hours – “labor not progressing”. Soon after that her labor went quickly and more efficiently than the nurse thought it would. She labored at home, a lot of the time on hands and knees, and when she felt like pushing – whoops! they zoomed to the hospital ER, and barely made it up to Delivery.

    May 9th, 2009 at 4:17 am
  2. Scott said:

    Congratulations Patty! That will make for a great story to tell.

    May 9th, 2009 at 5:51 am


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