Trimester #1 How to Stay fit during Pregnancy

We have broken down the overall look at the battle a woman will go through physically in the previous posts regarding fitness and pregnancy. Now is the time to start breaking down each of the trimesters in a little more detail. Starting with the first, let us look at some of the key components that are necessary to help provide a situation that helps to provide each Mother a chance to be as successful in her delivery.

Several times in this blog of I have discussed with you the relationship of the muscular and skeletal system. In short just remember that the skeletal system is completely dependent on the muscular system for both positioning and movement. During pregnancy as the Mother gets ready for delivery she will need to have as much control over her pelvis as possible. This will require a tremendous amount of muscular efficiency training  throughout the three Trimesters.

The key to focus on in the first Trimester is that since the baby is in the very early stages, it is small enough that you still can lie on your stomach without the discomfort that comes with the obvious changes to the Mother’s body.

For the first lets take advantage of the ability to lie prone so here are a few exercises that can help to supply stimulus to the muscular system around the pelvis. This will play a huge roll at the point of delivery when the mother needs the muscular control to open the birth canal.

Here are two exercises to add to your current workout regimen. If you are not currently working than we invite you to start doing these on a daily basis.

The first is called Active Cobra. To perform the move you lie on your stomach, place the knees out as far apart as you can and bend3450345405_5322fb2ed8_s the knees so the soles of the feet come together in the air. Now in this position press the soles of your feet together and then relax. Continue to press and relax so that each repetition lasts about 1 second. This move is used to give stimulus to the muscles responsible for the external rotation of the femur as it rests in the pelvis. 

The second move is called Cobra Openers and is the opposite of the previous move. Get your body into the same 3451161112_769b2e3b4f_sposition and now instead of pressing the feet together you separate them out to the sides. This motion should take a little longer than the previous move due to the greater amount of motion involved.  Now the emphasis becomes the ability to muscularly control the movement of the Femur and its ability to internally rotate in the pelvis.


We are currently building a complete pregnancy training series. In the meantime we want to give you a few ideas that you can focus on in each Trimester. We will continue to update you on more ideas to use to help out during your pregnancy.


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