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Since the first post back in November of 2008 Train2move has provided you with several free items from workouts to diets and more. If you have not checked it out before follow this link over to it. Here was an example of one of the workouts we gave you. It is a great addition to a normal workout schedule. I recommend using it as an early morning workout right when you get up. It will start your day off right by providing your muscular system some stimulus to help with the proper movement of the body.

Here is the routine with some updated photos for your viewing pleasure.

1. Clappers – 20x. Lay on your back with your knees bent so your feet are flat. Then place your arms out to your sides and keeping them straight, bring them up so your palms touch. At the top take a second to push your palms together, then lower them back down to the floor and repeat.

2. Pullovers – 20x. Keep your body in the same position, now interlace your fingers so with your palms facing each other. Now lower your hands to the floor behind you, then forward all the way to your waist.





3. Active Frog – 20x. In this position, place the soles of the feet together and lower your knees down to the sides. Now keeping the soles of the feet together, bring your knees together and apart. Go Slow so you are not using momentum.





4. Leg Lifts – 20x each leg. Now back to the original position with your feet flat on the floor. Place one leg all the way straight on the floor. Now keeping that leg as straight as you can, lift it up as high as you can, then lower it back down.

5. Active Shoulder Bridge – 30x. Back to both knees bent so feet are flat on the floor. From here you are going to lift your pelvis off the floor as high as you can, then lower it back down.





6. Cats and Dogs – 10x. From your and knees, drop your spine towards the floor by arching your back down while lifting your head, then do the opposite, arch your back up and then lower your chin towards your chest.





7. Kneeling Arm Circles – 25x each direction. From your knees, place your arms straight out to your sides. Keeping your arms straight, make small circles forwards from the shoulder. After 25, point your palms up and thumbs back, now rotate with small circles from the shoulder.





8. Kneeling Roller Coasters – 10x. From you hands and knees, sit back so your hips are on your heels keeping your arms straight out in front of you. Now bend your elbows out to the sides as you lower your chin, chest, stomach, and hips towards the floor in a forward motion. Finish with your hips on the floor and your arms in the extended position. Now pull your hips back and roll through again.





9. Static Lunges – 10x each leg. From a standing position, Place one leg out in front of the other. Make sure they are at least 3 feet apart. Now lower your back knee to the floor keeping your torso upright, then raise back up to the starting position. Repeat this motion 10x on one leg, then the other.





10. Wall Sit – 30 seconds.  Stand with your back against a wall, now lower you hips down and move your feet out so you are simulating sitting in a chair.



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"My body has not reacted well with working a desk job.  I am only 25, but have been having a lot of pain that has built up over the past 6 months...The cubicle workouts have truly helped, I cant even begin to tell you...so much better! Thanks Scott, love the routines!" Brandon
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