Another Presidential Fitness Challenge Update

My Son keeps plugging away on his Presidential Fitness Challenge. He has already accomplished the first goal of winning the bronze award for amassing over 20,000 points and he now stands at 32,720. Once he reaches 45,000 he will accomplish the Silver Medal and then he will work towards the Gold but he only has until the 24th of this month. He is a little off the pace for the Gold but considering he is doing the Presidential Champions Program as an 8 year old I am going to cut him a little slack.

He currently is in the 95th percentile for the kids his age across the United States and considering that one person apparently has over 108,000 points I am convinced they are not being completely honest. I went back and looked at what my son has been doing and for an 8 year old to accomplish that many points is staggering. We are talking several hours of intense exercise almost everyday. Perhaps I am not being fair, it is possible I guess for a high level competitive gymnast or swimmer but at 8 years old thats hard to do. I consider my son to be pretty active but he is over  70,000 points behind whoever this person is.

I have really enjoyed watching my Son do this program and I am considering offering it to the High School Students I work with. The Dates are From May 1st- July 24th which means they will need to do quite a bit of the work on their own once school gets out in Mid June but I still want to encourage them to try.

If you are looking for something extra to help get you off the coach and exercising, sign up, they have a program for adults as well.


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