Last Chance for the Free Abdominal Routine

This is the final reminder to sign up for the newsletter if you have not done so yet. Tomorrow morning it will go out and the first edition will be all about abs. We are including the First routine in the 3 routine package that will also go up for sale tomorrow in the store. Included in this routine are 11 exercises put together in a sequence to not only help strengthen your abs but also improve the movement of your core. This will help to increase mobility in your spine and pelvis.

The complete 3 routine package comes with a total of  40 exercises. Each routine is designed to progress into the next one so once you have mastered one, the next one is waiting for you to try out it’s increased demand. Each routine also has variable amount of repetitions that enable you to start at a level that will make you successful.

For those of you who did sign up for the newsletter we would love to get your feedback. Once you receive it please place comments on this post as to what more you would like to see included in the newsletters. We have several ideas we will be incorporating for the next edition but ultimately this is about you and how we can get you exactly the information you are wanting. So please feel free to share what it is you want out of the newsletters. Our main goal is to educate you and provide you the necessary tools to take total control of your physical health.

We will also be putting up a new poll next week where we will be asking for your opinions on what products you would like to see us working on for you. If you have something in particular this will be your chance to get exactly what type of training program you are looking for.


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What Others Are Saying

"My body has not reacted well with working a desk job.  I am only 25, but have been having a lot of pain that has built up over the past 6 months...The cubicle workouts have truly helped, I cant even begin to tell much better! Thanks Scott, love the routines!" Brandon
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