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Now that We have josh doing his weekly posts about his marathon training I wanted to get another one of our trainers involved. Loren has been wanting to start a new section on the blog that is a weekly fitness tip. This is going to be a great addition to the blog and I am very excited to get this going.

Loren is incredibly passionate about fitness and more importantly looking for the absolute best way to train the human body. He will be sharing tips with you that are items you can instantly apply to your current workout or lifestyle. We will use Tuesdays as the official Fitness tip of the Week Posts.


Hello everyone and welcome to train2move.com! My name is Loren Sheets and I have been a Train2move athlete for 4 years now, and I am excited to share some training information with all of you! This is the first post in a new series of weekly posts where I will briefly cover a training tip that you can use while going through your workout.
Being the first week, I figure I should start off by giving a great tip that you can use in your warm-ups. Remember, every good workout should begin with a proper warm-up to ensure that the body is moving in an efficient manner. At train2move, we believe there are a number of warm-up essentials. One of them is hip flexor range. Because we spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day, the hip flexor muscles can become tight from being held in a fixed position. Most people focus on stretching their hamstrings by doing a forward bend, but the hip flexors are often overlooked. In order to ensure our hips are moving properly during a workout, we must make sure those muscles have been sufficiently lengthened.

The next time you warm up for a workout, try including a Kneeling Hip Flexor stretch. This was actually our very first exercise img_0184of the week exercise choice. From a kneeling position, place one foot out in front of your body, then sink you weight into that leg while keeping your torso up. Don’t lean way out over the front leg; just press into the hip. Also, try to flex the glute of the leg that is behind; this will help stretch the hip flexor.

If you want to try a little more advanced version of this stretch, place your back foot up on a chair or against a wall. Just be sure that you can stay up tall and not hunched over. One last key is to be sure your front knee does not go past that foot. If it does, move the foot farther forward. Hold the stretch for at least a minute, then switch legs.
Try doing this stretch before you go work out. See if you notice increased flexibility in your hip flexors after several days. Next week I will have another warm-up tip for you. In the meantime, check out some older posts on warm-ups by clicking here!!


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