Excellent Article About Calories and How are Body Uses Them.

I was quite excited to find this article. We have not done a lot on nutrition lately and I was looking for some good info on how our bodies use the fuels we put into it. I am not a certified Nutritionist and neither are any of the other Train2move team, (there is a job opening if your interested) so we are always excited to find others with the same ideas as us that are far more of an authority in the field.

In this case of this article it comes from Olsonnd.com. The name Olson alone implies it is going to be good, although I have an obvious bias. Follow this link to the article.

I am finding more and more that the secret to our ability to control our body weight, specifically how to shed unwanted pounds lies in the amount of sugar we eat. This falls completely in line with the program I tried out this past spring, the Ultramind Solution. I loved doing this diet and to be honest I have adopted many of the principals now in how I eat on a daily bases. My weight has stayed much more regular since doing so. This program was also about eliminating the many chemicals we put into our bodies which has also changed the type of shampoo, soap, and other products I use.

I encourage you to read the article, it is a quick read but is very informative. They are talking about how important it is not to simply count calories but to monitor the type of calories your body gets. Remember that we are living adaptive organism that will change based on the stimulus we give it. If we are eating too much sugar, our bodies must figure out how to adapt to this and the result is usually not what we are looking for.

The truth is that our bodies do not burn all calories the same. So depending on the type of calorie source you give it will determine how effective our bodies can break it down and turn it into usable fuel versus needing to store the excess.

I like how at the article it challenges you to go one full week without sugar. If yo have not done so before, give it a try. It will amaze you how much you can change your body in just the one week. Quite some time ago we built you a diet you can follow. Keep in mind this is just based on a lot of knowledge I have gained by studying nutrition from people far more qualified than myself but we found it to be quite successful for those who tried it out.

Click here for our example diet.


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