Fitness Tip of the Week #2

Hey, it’s Loren Sheets again and welcome back to our Fitness Tip of the Week Program. Here we go with the second fitness tip of the week. Last week I talked about adding a bit of hip flexor range into your warm-ups to promote better range of motion through the hip joint. I hope all of you tried this out and that your body felt better during and after your workout by lengthening out the hip flexors.

img_1718This week I want to give you another tip for your warm-ups. At train2move we believe that a good warmup is essential to a good workout. Try this tip during your next warmup. When you are choosing a move to stretch out your hamstrings, try holding a downward dog pose, the classic yoga move. So from your hands and knees, straighten your legs out and try to press your heels to the floor, keeping the back as flat as you can. Think about trying to pull your chest towards your legs by tightening your hip flexors, quads, and abdominal wall. Getting the knees to fully straighten out is the key here. The engaging of the hip flexors and quadriceps is a much better way of lengthening out the hamstrings than just bending forward from a standing position.
Try holding it for at least a minute. The downward dog pose is a great move that should be used in a warmup to really force the hamstrings to lengthen and activate the hip flexors. Try incorporating this move into your warm-up this week along with the kneeling groin stretch. The combination of the 2 moves will attempt to get your pelvis into a neutral position to train from. This will result in an overall increase in your performance and help to increase your efficiency while you train.


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