One Less Excuse to not Workout

Recently I went to the Annual “Fun in the Park” in Wilsonville Oregon. It is a fun event that has many vendors and kids games and many other fun attractions. One of the booths I saw was for a group called logoBaby Boot Camp.

During the last 4 years of our Trinity Sports Summer Camp we have run into a group similar to this, I am not sure if it is the same group or not but the concept is exactly the same. At the park while we ran our camp, a group of 12-20 Women show up and spend the better part of an hour working out.

The kids in our camp love to see them and I really like to hear some of the High School  girls say how great they think it is and that they would totally do something like that when they had kids. I only hope they take advantage of opportunities like this to stay healthy.

The idea behind the program I absolutely love. I can remember many friends, clients, and other acquaintances that had to give up on their workouts when they had children because they cold not find a spot they felt comfortable leaving their newborns while they worked out.

Baby Boot Camp solves this problem by allowing new Moms the chance to workout with their babies. The workouts look like they have some good variety to them but to be honest when I see them I am a little preoccupied with the nearly 100 athletes we are working with. I have seen them not only walking and running laps but stopping to do strength exercises, sometimes even using the baby as the resistance!

The other aspect of this I really like is the social aspect. I am willing to bet that these groups become real close after working out together for awhile. This makes another challenging component of being a new parent a little easier to manage, making friends. If you are a Mother with young ones looking for a chance to socialize and get some exercise I would encourage you to check these guys out. It looks like they have groups all around the U.S. and I am sure there are many more.

Try to not let being a new parent be an excuse for you to not take care of yourself. Trust me, the older they get the better shape you will wish you were in so you can keep up with them.


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