Fitness Tip of the Week #4

Fitness Tip of the Week by: Loren Sheets

nuts-705071This week I wanted to give you all an easy nutrition tip that you can use try out. Remember, the body is constantly reacting and changing according to the stimulus it receives, this applies to exercise as well as diet and. What you put into your body will ultimately determine how it responds from a chemical standpoint. Also, you don’t need to be a nutrition expert to improve your health through what you eat.

Try this easy tip this week, turn it into a habit, and in the long run it will greatly benefit your overall health.
Simply substitute some snack you would normally eat for a healthier one. For me, this usually means when I go into a 7 eleven, I choose a fruit drink or gatorade over what I used to typically drink, usually a soda. It could mean choosing a piece of fruit over chips or candy.

I have found that I feel much better even in my workouts when I do this and keep it up for a while. All it really takes is a little determination and will power. Have somebody keep you accountable. The benefits of following this tip will add up over time to play a substantial role in your overall health.

Here are a few more examples with alternatives:

cookies: string cheese
candy bars: granola bars
ice cream: low fat yogurt
chips: beef jerky
soda: grape juice

Here’s a question for next weeks tip: How much water should I drink during my workouts?


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"My body has not reacted well with working a desk job.  I am only 25, but have been having a lot of pain that has built up over the past 6 months...The cubicle workouts have truly helped, I cant even begin to tell much better! Thanks Scott, love the routines!" Brandon
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