What is the Most Severe Injury You Have Ever Suffered?

For some reason there has been a lot of talk about injuries in the groups I have spent my time with this week. Part of it is that the School I coach at is in the first week of Daily Double practices so there is the always annoying muscle pulls from the kids that sat around all summer. Luckily with the training system we use we have for the most part been blessed and avoided any injury that takes kids out for more than just a day or two.

The conversation however led to what are some of the worst injuries we had ever suffered. Mine are pretty basic, broken ankle, injured lower back, knee sprains and muscle pulls. Other people who I was speaking with had some other pretty serious ones like broken femurs and the one I still cringe at, a groin pull that caused the person to be literally purple from just below the belly button almost to the knee and everything, everything in between. Yikes. Many clients come in with some pretty interesting stuff.

I had a client about 7 years ago who had some very serious back pain from an injury that happened when she was about 15 years younger. She was doing some diving into a river from some rocks. One of her attempts she slipped, and proceeded to fall about 15 feet down onto the rocks below, landing on her tailbone and lower back.

Here is a video of some various sports injuries. It has some gruesome ones so if you do not like seeing broken bones and other injuries, you may want to skip it. If you have a great injury story I would love it if you shared it. I am always fascinated at what our bodies can withstand and still be able to function.

Along with your Injury stories I also like hearing how people recovered. The amazing things the medical community can do is also mind boggling at times. From artificial joints to reconstructive surgeries we have come a long way in the medical world. I wonder how we will handle major injuries in another twenty years?

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  1. Ryan said:

    O you just wait until eric berry is given the chance on someone lol

    August 26th, 2009 at 10:11 pm


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