Great News for Anyone who Travels

We have another new product coming out next week. Like many of the other first ones available in our store, the new Travel Program is designed with a certain criteria in mind. One of our trainers, Eric Kirch was doing some traveling earlier this summer and he was reminded how incredibly hard it was on our bodies. Cab rides, layovers, cramming into the tiny seats of a 727, long car rides, all of these are disaster to our muscular systems and create high enough levels of tightness to create pain.

travelSo Eric had the brilliant idea of creating simple, easy to use workout program for people who travel. This could be a huge asset for business travelers, vacationers, or even people who have to deal with long commutes. As we have discussed many times, our bodies or in the case of this program, our muscular systems react and change to the stimulus they receive. If the stimulus they receive happens to be nothing due to sitting in awkward tight positions then they respond by tightening and become less efficient.

This leads to postural imbalances that cause our bodies to feel greater amounts of fatigue, higher levels of pain, and ultimately can lessen the enjoyment of travel. When Eric began researching fro a product like this on the internet all he could find was advice telling people to stretch. No actual examples with the exception of one or two stretches. That is where Train2move decided to step up and design a program for you that will help make your travel more enjoyable.

As a part of the program you will receive:
2 pre travel routines to help set your body up for success before you leave.
1 mid-travel with area routine that can be done at a layover spot or anywhere you have a little room.
1 mid travel with limited area routine that can be done in a car or in an airplane seat.
2 post travel routines that will remove the negative side effects of the travel and restore better posture.

If you travel and are tired sacrificing your physical well being, try this program out. You will not be sorry. I’ll be honest the first time you do a few exercises in your seat on a flight from Denver to New York you will get some interesting looks but soon people will ask you if it helps. Keep in mind everyone on the plane is suffering so really the joke is on those who are not willing to do a few simple exercises to combat the issue, not the person doing them.


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