What is the Best Fitness Class You Have Ever Taken?

During the many years I have spent in the fitness industry I have had the chance to take hundreds of fitness classes. Most of these classes have been in the Northwest but I have traveled with various jobs that have allowed me to try classes in other areas as well. It has been fun to also try out the many different styles of classes as well. I also Have taught probably in excess of 4,000 classes in my time as a trainer.

I was talking with some of the students in one of my classes the other day and we were discussing the best classes we had everweightstaken. Some of the most intense classes I ever took were without a doubt kickboxing. A great instructor in one of those classes can literally bring you to your knees but then have you walk out feeling amazing. I have also taken some amazing yoga classes. I remember some of my least favorite were body pump classes. I think I may have been a victim of poor instruction, I usually walked out of there feeling not as much pumped as very tight.

This is usually what determined the class was the instructor. There was a time when I was in charge of evaluating new instructors. It has been so long since I taught my first class that I barely remember much about it. I always felt bad for new instructors who had very little confidence. It showed in the class itself as they battled their way through it.

Here is the key to any fitness class in my opinion. A good instructor would be able to take you through any type of workout class and have you feeling better at the end than when you walked in. This is ultimately what determines the results of your class. Great instructors have mastered this technique and if you are currently taking a class where the instructor not only gives you an incredible workout but more importantly makes your body feel amazing when you walk out the door.

Please share with us some of the best classes you have taken, and more importantly , what mad them great.


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