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One of our loyal readers, Duane, sent this great article he found on Time.com. In the article they are discussing why exercise is not what will make you thin. The author, John Cloud is talking about how it is more about what we eat than the amount of exercise we do that will make the biggest difference in how much fat our body has.

sugarThere was a study done that is explained in the article that is complete alignment with how we feel about weight loss and exercise. We tell our clients all the time that to actually lose weight and in most cases the real goal is to lose fat, that it is far more important to focus on what you are putting into your body.

We have been talking about the 4 major laws of training and again the first and second tell us that our bodies are designed to react and respond to stimulus and that depending on the type of stimulus you are giving your body will anatomically change. We have been mostly using this example in regards to exercise but it is true of all stimulus, including what we eat. If the stimulus you give your body is high amounts of Sugar, your body will respond to that by storing it as excess body fat.

The article continues to discuss how little impact has on changing how thin we are and sites several recent studies to support the claim. Exercise mentality is typically looked at the wrong way in my opinion. Now that I have been out of the traditional gym world for about ten years it is fun to look back and realize how silly most of the work done in there was. I do not want to take away from the hard work that people have put in over the years and all of the great classes that people took but we do need to stop looking at exercise as a weight loss tool. exercise is the stimulus our bodies need in order for our muscular systems to continue to perform at their highest level.

That is why the type of exercise you choose needs to directly relate to the goals you have. If you are not giving your body the type of exercise that is capable of allowing you to maintain full range of motion in your joints, keep your balance and coordination skills up, and enable you to be strong enough to perform your daily tasks, why are you doing it?

Our goal has been, and always will be to give you the education to understand how to train your body in the most successful manner to achieve success whatever physical goals you have while all the while keeping to the 4 laws of training that will help to ensure your success.


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