Josh’s Quest for the Boston Marathon Part #9

College has continued to keep me extremely busy this past week, but fortunately I was able to find the time to do a handful of workouts. I realized this week that I had kind of gotten away from the integration I have been doing throughout my training. It’s good to be focused on the running aspect of training, but we at Train2move know that the secret to success is much more than just putting in the necessary mileage. With this in mind I entered last week training with an integration emphasis mindset.
I was pleased to find that after going through a solid integrated workout, providing the stimuli necessary to make the muscles in my body work together, I found that my body felt significantly better in every way. This idea is becoming more and more important as the date for the Portland Marathon seemingly races its way closer every day. Race day is only a mere three weeks away! To give you an example of what I mean by integration watch this video of Loren and I. By Integration we mean taking your body through full range of motion and asking it to recruit power from many different angles.

I have always loved the rushing sensation of adrenaline you get from racing, or performing any athletic feat for that matter. I can remember lining up at the start of the x-country state championships, coming out of the blocks in the final heat of the 4×4 relay at state for track, and battling it out on the hardwood during two state championship basketball games. I will never forget these moments, they will always be some of my greatest accomplishments as an athlete, and I hope to be able to look back on the Portland marathon in the very same way. I am sure it will be an incredible memorable experience, one that I can always be proud of accomplishing. Only nineteen more days till the Portland Marathon!!

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  1. coach S. said:

    wow, if you could do a couple hours of training similar to what you did in that video, you might as well have run a marathon! looks crazy intense, but fun!

    September 14th, 2009 at 9:25 pm


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