The Role of Exercise in Chronic Pain

One of our trainers, Loren recently sent me this link to an article he was reading about a study on chronic pain for those between the ages of 50-59. The article came from Yahoo, here is the link to “Chronic Pain Makes 50 year olds Feel 80”

There is not groundbreaking discoveries in the article, just more proof that the best remedy for pain is more often than not, exercise. e have been talking about the 4 laws of training that more or less govern our training system. In them we refer to exercise as stimulus and how our muscular system is in constant need of stimulus in order to perform at its peak. This is an exercise blog so of course that is going to be our emphasis but these laws go beyond training.

Our bodies are in constant need of all types of stimulus in order for it to perform the multitude of tasks we ask of it. Proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, cognitive challenges and countless other activities are all designed to challenge and assist our bodies to make it work effectively.

A lack of providing these things to our body will also have the opposite effect. By depriving your body of various amounts of necessary stimulus it will begin to break down on us. there is a quote in the article that I had to laugh at, it went like this, “While pain is poorly understood, many experts now recommend physical exercise to combat many types of chronic pain, in addition to medication in some cases.” How can pain be misunderstood? Last time I checked pain was a defense mechanism in the body to alert you that something is not right. If your knee is in pain, probably should look at what might be causing that. Remember the body is always in a state of reaction and response to stimulus, joints just do not hurt because they are bored. They hurt because something is not right with them.

What I did like about that quote was that since I recommend exercise for many pain symptoms I am apparently an expert. Think I may go ahead and add that to my new business cards. We have mentioned this many times but remember that when something is wrong in your body, always stop and ask the question of why. The answer many times is actually the best treatment option. If you travel on an airplane and get to your destination and have lower back pain, rather than look for the first massage therapist or chiropractor you should perhaps get your body moving so it gets itself out of the tight seated position it was just in for many hours.

You can be in charge of your own pain rather than your pain being in charge of you. Start by getting yourself moving and then we will help you figure out the rest from there.


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