Josh’s Quest for the Boston Marathon Part #10

This week was an especially encouraging week of training for me! I did a more speed oriented workout earlier in the week and managed to run under a six minute mile pace for two consecutive four mile runs and i did what will most likely be my last “long” run this morning. I finished the 19 mile run in just over two hours, a time of 2hrs and 5minutes. I figure it’s probably the new world record for a Newberg to Canby run! It was definitely the best that i have felt in weeks, and considering the pace i was running at my Boston Marathon qualifying hopes remain very much alive.

It’s coming down to the final two weeks of training before race day and soon it will be time to combine the speed training with the distance, and see how it all comes together. It will also be vital for me to emphasize integration, like i mentioned last post, as well as some structural routines (stretching and realignment) to help work out any remaining kinks and get me ready for October 4th!

I am thrilled to be running in my first Portland Marathon and I am excited to share the experience with all of you. Loren and Scott will be following me along my race and updating you as we go along. I also hope to do a few interviews before and after as well. Should be a great experience and only 13 more days left!

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  1. Platt said:

    Dad and I will also be there to cheer you on! Courtney (and the Tigard High School Cross Country Team) will also be at the finish line.
    We’re very proud of you, Josh! I know it will be a great race for you.
    Love, Mom

    September 21st, 2009 at 6:40 am
  2. Amy said:

    Josh I am getting so excited for you. You have worked so hard for this. I can’t wait for the updates and the results.

    September 21st, 2009 at 9:35 am


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