Josh’s Quest for the Boston Marathon Part #11

It’s the Final Countdown!! With only one week to go before the big race I have been getting more and more excited. Even now, just thinking about it gets my adrenaline going. It will be a one of a kind experience without a doubt. I had another encouraging week of workouts and my confidence has only grown the closer race day gets. I have heard a lot of different tips along the way on what to do the night before, as well as the morning before the race. If any of you have any last minute advice, let me hear it!

DSCN0791I’m curious to see how it’s all going to workout for me. I know it’s pretty common to carb-up the night before and get up early the next day. I am definitely a morning person, so it sounds like a good idea to me. It never hurts to have lots of time to wake up in the morning! This next week leading up to the race will be the most important yet as I worked on emphasizing shorter, less demanding runs with plenty of integration and structural routines. Aside from that it will be a pretty light week until raceday. I feel prepared as well as I possibly could be.

The final step in my training will be to actually run the race. I am at the point where I know my body is physically capable of the challenge, now I just need to will myself to do it. I think the mentality and determination of a runner is what separates a good runner from a potentialy great runner. It’s going to take everything that I have to finally achieve what I set out to do nearly 4 months ago, but I am up for the challenge. Scott and Loren will be posting updates on the race as I run so if you can’t come down and watch you can follow my progress. I am also looking forward to seeing my family at the finish line. They have always been the biggest support in my life so having them there to celebrate with me will make it that much sweeter.

Thank you to all of you who have shown me support! Only 7 more days untill the Portland Marathon!


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