Fitness Tip of the Week #9, Dress Warm!

This week I want to give you another tip for your warm-ups. At train2move we believe that a good warmup is essential to a good workout. Try this tip during your next warmup. Wear warmups! The name implies their function. The body heat that is retained by wearing them will have a direct impact on how your muscles respond to movement and stretching.
I just spent the past year running track in Los Angeles, where it occasionally got up in the 80’s in January. Even there, our track coach made it mandatory to wear warmups during the entire warmup. I didn’t even think to take a pair of warmups when I moved down there last summer. So, if you are like me and don’t have a good pair of warmups, just do what I did and run over to any clothing department store.
There happened to be a Ross’ right across the street from campus. I found several good pairs for under $20. Here’s a link to some warmups you should check out:
Try wearing warmups while you are preparing for your workout this week. See if you notice a change in how your body feels when you take them off to start your workout. I would encourage you to make this a part of your warm-up routine as fall comes around and the temperature begins to drop. Just today Scott and Josh were filming a new exercise of the week video and it was dark, gray, and about to storm.
There is no question that keeping your body temperature up is an important component in allowing your body to perform at a very high level. Especially if you are going to go hard during your workout, stay warm!


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