Josh’s Race Day is Finally Here

A day that started this morning in a cold, dark downtown Portland OR, finished with success as Josh did end up qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Well at least he ran the time necessary to be considered, the rest is out of his hands. We did a quick interview for fun with Josh before the start of the race. You can see it and the start of the race below along with a clip of Josh early in the race. The event itself was absolutely fantastic. The volunteers and organizers for the Portland Marathon need to be congratulated for all their hard work.

As a spectator it was just a blast. The opportunity to watch Josh run so well was the highlight of the day but there was quite a bit to keep us entertained. There were over 70 different forms of entertainment for the runner highlighted by a group of syncopated drummers that was so intense I felt like I should jump into the race. It is nice that at the start of the race you only have to walk a few blocks to be able to see the runners at the start, then at mile 1.5, then again at about mile 5. From there the runners go off down a long stretch and so we did not catch up with Josh again until about mile 20.

We tried to spot him at mile eleven but he was too fast and beat us there, then again we missed him at mile 15. At mile 20 he was cruising along with the 3 hour pace setter. The marathon had a group of runners that were the pace setters for people who were attempting a certain time. I felt bad for them considering they had to actually carry this little sign in the end of a pole the entire time. I am sure their legs got tired by the end of the race but imagine their arms.

We are very proud of Josh and how hard he worked to accomplish his goal of running under a 3:10.00. In the end he fell off the 3 hour pace just a bit but managed to gut it out and finished at 3:09.18. This placed him 4th overall in his age category and he was even 230th place overall! It as a great time watching Josh and I want to thank him for letting us all be a part of his success story.


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