Fitness Tip of the Week #10, Take the Stairs!

beijing-long.stairs-metroIt’s Tuesday, which means its time for another fitness tip of the week! I was doing some homework at the library this week and I noticed how there was a staircase and an elevator right next to each other. Or, how about the malls that have the escalators right next to the stairs? You can either stand on the moving stairs, or walk up them yourself. They give us the option of either walking up the stairs or standing in a room and pushing a button, causing a series of motors and pulleys and levers to raise the entire room, doing all the work for us.

That is what a machine does, after all; something that makes work easier and more efficient. Now, in a world where we must produce goods and provide services, machines provide a technological advantage, obviously, by allowing us to accomplish more by doing the work that we normally would have done, or making it easier and more efficient. However, in terms of physical fitness and the health of our bodies, all a machine does is cheat our bodies out of becoming as strong and efficient as they should be. I think of several movies that have taken this concept to the extreme.

The most recent movie, Surrogates, displays a world where people live their lives through a robot, while they live in the safety of their own home, lying in a recliner chair. Of course, when the surrogates must recharge, the real person has to get up out of the chair. Unfortunately, as Law One states, the body is constantly changing based on the stimulus it receives, so the person appears much weaker and older. Another example would be the animated movie WALL-E, in which the skeletal systems of the futuristic people have virtually disappeared due to the generations of inactivity, as they live their lives on hover-chairs.

So, my point is, take the stairs this week. Park your car at the end of the lot and walk. Grab some dumbbells at the gym instead of relying on the machine to stabilize for you.

See you next week,


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  1. eric said:

    I agree with this 100%. I always take the stairs. I even went to the top of the Empire State building via stairs! 1,860 stairs and 102 floors, that was quite the workout

    October 6th, 2009 at 5:19 pm


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