What Shoes Would You Wear for a Marathon?

We had a good time watching the thousands of runners this past week at the Portland Marathon, and specifically we watched to see what the most common shoe choices were. There was a big variety due to the sheer number of people that were running but a few stood out to us as the most common choice amongst the runners.

PAAAAAFOAJODFBGPFirst was the choice of Train2move Athlete Josh Platt. Hopefully you were able to follow along as he trained for, and then accomplished his goal of running the time to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He ended up wearing his favorite pair of running shoes, the Nike Zooms. He had a different pair he wore for about a month but it was not working well for him so he went back to the shoe he had discovered the most success with.

I would say that the Various styles of Zooms was quite possibly the most common shoe we saw. I was however surprised to see how many people were running around in Nike Frees’. I like these shoes for walking around doing your daily routine but I could not imagine myself running for long distances in them. This however is a great choice and to be quite honest the closest shoe yet to allowing the muscles of the foot to get the maximum stimulus they deserve.

After that there were plenty of  Asics and I noticed quite a few Mizunos as well. I think it would be an interesting study to see what the most common running shoe people do marathons in would be. If you had to go run one today what would you were? Personally I would want ones that came with their own motor because I am in no condition to go out and attempt to run 26.2 miles.

One other thing I wanted to touch on was how surprised at how many men did not take any precautions to protect their nipples. In the time we waited for Josh to cross I counted at least 6 that had blood all down the front of their shirt, coming from their nipples. Now Josh finished in the top 250 so I would assume many of those people had to know what they were doing. Then I saw a significantly higher number that came across over the next few hundred people. It looked extremely painful but maybe it did not bother them. I bet it hurt pretty significantly when they got in the shower though!

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  1. coach S. said:

    I used to wear Nike, and I still do, but I became a big fan of Asics this past year. Nike is really big in the northwest because it came out of Eugene, OR and is now based in Beaverton, OR

    October 7th, 2009 at 6:35 pm
  2. eric said:

    Did Josh take the necessary precautions to prevent this chaffing from occurring?

    October 7th, 2009 at 10:39 pm


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