Another Opinion on Running Shoes

I recently received e-mails from a few of you regarding an article from the New York Times about running injuries. The article is great so thanks to all of you who sent it. The article is regarding how many runners are suffering from injuries when training for long distance running. We have discussed this topic several times before in some of our running efficiency posts.

There are many theories as to why people are suffering so many injuries when training for the simple act of running. I guess simple act may be the wrong way to say it since many individuals do not find running simple at all. In our opinion the injuries are coming from high levels of muscular inefficiency. Individuals who have not been training correctly, or at all, have muscular patterns in their body that makes them unable to perform the act of running for longer distances without high risk of many common running injuries.

DSCN0658In the article they are discussing that one of the major causes of injuries is actually the “high-tech shoes” that people are training in. We could not agree with this more. Recently we have discussed the importance of doing your warm-ups barefoot. The feet just like any other area of the body consist of many different muscles that require consistent training in order for them to continue to perform their given tasks of skeletal alignment and movement. Many shoes runners currently run in act almost like a cast. They can drastically limit the amount of stimulus that the muscles of the feet receive.

There is a link in that article to another interesting document that I thought was a great read. It was a paper written about how evolution made us great distance runners. I am not a believer in evolution personally but I still find it quite fascinating.

If you are a runner make sure you are taking the time to be barefoot as a part of your training. I have had great success with runners in the past using their warm-ups as a chance to apply stimulus to the muscles of the feet. Just like any other muscle in the body, those of the feet must be trained in order to perform.


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