Should I do a Kneeling Pushup or a “Regular” Pushup?

IMG_2038For all my life I have heard that to do pushups on my knees meant I was doing “girl” pushups. As a kid of course I believed this so I, being the studly kid I was, did pushups from my toes. Well, like many other lies that guys fall into, this one made me do thousands of pushups with terrible form.

Here is the honest truth about pushups, there are only good ones and bad ones, not boy ones and girl ones. A good pushup requires you to be able to drop your chest all the way to the floor. The inability to do this is what should determine the style of pushups you do. If you are unable to drop your chest all the way to the floor when attempting a pushup from your toes there is a gap somewhere in your strength or some form of muscular tightness throughout your upper body. Regardless of where your lack of strength or tightness is, doing pushups without being able to do them correctly will lead to higher levels of muscle imbalance and lack of joint mobility in your shoulders.

IMG_2039Doing pushups from your knees helps to eliminate these potential negative side effects and allows you to administer the stimulus of the pushup in a progressive manner. This relates to the 4 Laws of Training, specifically Law #3 that states the body is designed to receive stimulus in a progressive manner.

If you have not tried to do a pushup workout you might be surprised at how much your overall strength improves by doing pushups that your body is capable of doing correctly.

We too often see people sacrificing proper form on exercises simply so that they can pretend to be doing a more aggressive version that is well out of their current muscular ability level. While this can satisfy the ego from time to time you will ultimately pay the price for asking the body to perform things it is incapable of doing correctly. The end result of going this direction is injury and to those who need the ego boost, a lack of performance.

Take the time to do these and all your exercises at the level that your current level of muscular efficiency will allow to


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