Flexibility in the Spine, don’t Lose it!

The ability to maintain mobility in your back or more specifically for this post, your spine, is something that when you are in your 20’s you do not think about all that much. Well ok I actually did think about it quite a bit in my 20’s but I am fairly passionate about health and human performance. Most people in their 20’s do not give it a lot of thought. But I am wondering how many people in their  50’s. 60’s 70’s and even older wish they would have spent more time on it when they were in their 20’s? I will go ahead and answer for them and say most.

There are a significant number of factors that can affect our posture and ultimately our spine. Genetics may be the biggest but also injuries, jobs, lifestyle, physical training we do or do not do, and sports we play can all impact the health of our spine. The key to keeping a healthy back is to keep it moving. The two major directions of the spine are the flexion/extension, and the rotation. Here are a couple of great moves you can use on a daily basis to keep, restore, or simply improve the flexibility in your spine.

IMG_1735The first is the Sitting Twist. It is a simple move that is very popular in the aerobics and yoga circles. Simply put both legs out straight, then cross one over the other and place the opposite elbow on the knee and twist. Hold it on each side for 30-60 seconds.

The second move is what we call a Kneeling Roller Coasters. Others call them dive bombersIMG_1712 or even hindu push-ups. This is a fantastic move for the flexion and extension of the spine. Not only that but it will also help to maintain mobility in your shoulders as well. Start on your hands and knees and pull your hips towards your heels, then bend your elbows as you roll trough lowering your chin, chest, stomach, and hips along the floor. Once youIMG_1713 reach the extended position, pull your hips back and roll trough again.

Mix these two moves into your daily routine to help keep your spine healthy. If you are looking for something more complete check out our Low Back Program and our AM/PM Program in our Store.


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