Fitness Tip of the Week #17 Are You Changing Your Cardio Workouts?

How often do you change up your cardio workouts? Every other workout? Every week maybe? Once a year? Here are a couple of great tips on how to change up the cardio routines you do to get the greatest benefit for your body.

Cardio machines take up a lot of space in most gyms due to their popularity and since they generally are easy to use, they are a simple way to get your heart rate up, burn some calories, and work on your lung capacity and endurance.

Remember though, each form of stimulus has both positive effects on the body as well as negatives. Look at the recumbent bike for example. What are the positive outcomes of using one for 20 to 40 minutes a few times a week? Well, it gets your heart rate up and burns calories. From a muscular standpoint, however, there can be some negative effects on your body if you never change up this one repetitive stimulus. For one, the constant seated position it like putting a cast on the muscles of the hips. Yes, the quads are getting lots of stimulus, and it gets your heart rate up, but as you may know, we cannot enough emphasize the importance of balancing the muscular system. Getting out of the seated position and giving your muscles a variety of stimulus will improve your overall fitness.

Change up your cardio routines often to give your muscular system new and different forms of stimulus. There are all sorts of ways to get different forms of cardio training. Treadmills, row machines, elliptical machines, running stairs, going out for a run, getting on the bike, jump-roping, swimming. Try not to choose the most comfortable one and do it over and over. Challenge yourself and change up your routine.

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Loren Sheets

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  1. eric said:

    I cannot stand doing the same workout twice in a row. I switch routines almost every time. I feel like i get a better workout that way

    November 24th, 2009 at 12:10 pm


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