Does Exercise Really Help You Sleep?

One of our readers, Duane, sent in this great article from the New York Times regarding activity and our sleep patterns. This is a topic that everyone always assumed to be the case. I am one of those who realize that the harder my body works during the day, the quicker I will fall asleep and the better sleep I will get.

The article begins with some information on research done with kids but there is also this link to a study down on adults.

The article on the kids was interesting. They noticed a major correlation between the activity and how quickly the children fell asleep. The more activity they received, the quicker they fell asleep. The quicker we get to sleep the more likely we are able to get through our natural sleep cycles that allow for a true and complete rest at night.

Take a minute to check out the article. If you are not able to fall asleep quickly at night we have several recommendations for you. One is of course higher levels of activity during the day. Next is to do some exercise to unwind in the evening. We built our Am/Pm program for this very reason. Loren also posted on this Yesterday. Also just like everything else we talk about in regards to something not being right with your body, ask why. Why are you not falling asleep. Are you lying there thinking about the laundry list of things that you will need to do at work the next day? Try getting a pad and paper and just make a list.

Try to establish why you are not able to fall asleep and do your best to make the changes to allow for a great, restful night sleep. The health benefits are numerous and your family and co-workers will thank you for it!


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