What is Your Favorite Thing to Drink While You Workout?

We are currently doing some Conditioning Camps this Winter through our Training business, Trinity Sports Camps. We have a water cooler in the gym but each day there is a wide assortment of plastic bottles on the ground. The most common is Gatorade but I wonder how much of this is from the mass marketing they do? I decided to ask around as to what the favorite drink of everyone was and the results were pretty varied.

IMG_2277The most common was still water and gatorade but there were also votes for Powerade, Vitamin Water, Propel, Arizona Tea, and more. There is a tremendous amount of research about what best hydrates the body while you are exercising. The one that has always worked without fail is of course water. I have often found it interesting as I walk down the beverage isle at the local grocery store that there is well over 30 different types of water to choose from.

Is this really necessary or are they more or less all the same? Each of them have their own reason for why you would want to purchase their water as opposed to one of the other many choices. Someday I would like to visit some of these amazing springs that all these bottled waters come from. Did they really make a plant right there at the spring to capture the water? I personally think it is just as likely it is coming out of some persons faucet in their backyard. It is also interesting to see how many different types of shapes to the bottle and designs on the label their are. I’ll be honest I have bought a water before because it had the best looking bottle. With my luck that water came from a toilet somewhere but at least I had a sweet bottle.

So what do you typically drink while you work out? For me it is usually water. Most other drinks leave that sugary film in my mouth that makes me more thirsty than I was before.

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  1. Eric said:

    I agree with drinking water. Especially when doing a cardio workout. If I am playing basketball I sometimes like to drink Gatorade

    December 29th, 2009 at 9:41 am
  2. Cathy Bushnell said:

    Have you ever tried Gleukos? It is suppose to deliver enery faster or more efficiently. It goes straght to your muscles, no digestion necessary. I’d like to know if you see a difference using this product.

    January 7th, 2010 at 5:08 pm
  3. Scott said:

    I have tried it before and did not notice much of a difference. The idea is good but I could not tell that I was hydrating faster or that there was any positive or negative effects on my performance or energy. I also am not a fan of the taste. I have tried only the orange and the lemon flavor so to be fair the other flavors may be a bit better. I do like that they are not as loaded with syrup as Gatorade though.

    January 7th, 2010 at 8:41 pm


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