Fitness Tip of the Week #22

Welcome back everyone to fitness tip of the week. This is the last fitness tip for the entire year, and hopefully up to this point, you have been able to apply some of these weekly tips into your fitness plans and goals.
The tip for this week is one that is not necessarily the easiest to put into practice. Lots of trainers will give the advice, “Do what works for you.” To just about everyone, this means to do the fitness activities that you enjoy. While this is important, many times we, as humans, enjoy the things that are easy, or are our strengths. It is important to remember that while fitness should be fun and enjoyable, it also can and should be hard. Getting in great shape and taking good care of your body is not easy. It takes work, and sometimes that work can be frustrating.

The tip for this week is more of a challenge than just a tip. This week, going into this next year, sit down and write out all the different fitness strengths and weaknesses you have. What comes easy for you, and what is difficult? Too often, people focus only on their strengths, while overlooking their weaknesses. The obvious reason for this is that it is much more difficult to train you weak areas than your strong ones.

Challenge yourself to schedule times where you will specifically train in one area where you know you are weaker. For some, it may be running. Maybe it is lifting. Some people never stretch because they know they are not very flexible to begin with. This can even apply to any sport you play. Think of basketball for example. If you are right handed, I would be willing to bet that you dribble with your right hand 98% of the time, because it’s easy. But, if you really want to improve you game, you can probably start by dribbling twice as much with your left hand as your right, because it is your weaker hand, and you can make the biggest improvements there. It may not be as comfortable, familiar, easy, or fun, but it will only help you to get better. Whatever it may be, figure out what it is that you struggle with, and work on that area. That is going to be the area where you can most improve.

Loren Sheets


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