“We are what We Repeatedly do” – Aristotle

I was reading a book that was given to me by the Superintendent of our School System called , “The Fred Factor”. The book is a great read as it discusses the importance of being an individual that goes out of his or her way to perform their job to its fullest. The story is […]

According to the 4 Laws of Training We Become What We are.

We have had some discussions lately about the 4 Laws of Training. In these laws we discuss how your body responds to stimulus and that ultimately it is the types of stimulus we give it that can make anatomical changes. Typically when you think of this it is in regards to doing exercise to create […]

The 4 Laws of Training Part #2

For the next part of explaining the philosophy we train with, I wanted to talk a little more about the third law. As a reminder, the third law states that your body as designed to be given stimulus in a progressive manner in order for the maximum amount of efficiency. We have always refereed to […]

The 4 Laws of Training, Another way to Look at our Philosophy

We have been working for the last several month on streamlining our training philosophy. For the last 8 years I have had a chance to begin looking at how to train the human body the way it was intended. We have put up many philosophy posts on this in the past and even though they […]

What Others Are Saying

"My body has not reacted well with working a desk job.  I am only 25, but have been having a lot of pain that has built up over the past 6 months...The cubicle workouts have truly helped, I cant even begin to tell you...so much better! Thanks Scott, love the routines!" Brandon
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